It’s a simple question really — did you do the thing you said you were going to do?

Most people, with fitness and health, don’t. Maybe you’ve been toying with starting but haven’t. Or maybe you have started yet again only to fail yet again.

I don’t know your situation.

We tend to attach morality and superiority to decisions we follow through on and feel guilt and shame when we don’t.

I’ve talked at length before about why we might not follow through:

  • ambivalence (I want a social life and a six pack);
  • hyperbolic discounting (chocolate now is better than abs later); or
  • uncompelling motivators.

I hear the same story when clients begin their fitness journey. They all claim, “This isn’t me.”

So if it’s not you, why aren’t you doing it?

I’m sure it’s nice to validate that you aren’t lazy and unmotivated. I’m not here for niceties.

We all have barriers but you are not excused from effort.

You have to stop wanting and start doing.

You will most likely fuck something up. Embrace and own the fact you are going to suck a little bit at first. In reality, it won’t be as bad as you think.

I’ve balked on posting my own writing because I didn’t want to screw up or say something incorrect and have people think I don’t know everything (<–I don’t)

This isn’t a hump-the-world-into-submission battle cry. It’s a recognition that you have control. You get to make choices.

You want to do the thing you said you were going to do? Show up and get going.

I’m not going to feed you armchair discussions about fat loss theory. Honestly, it doesn’t fucking matter. I’ve watched people do less than optimal things and get results. The people we’ve helped get results showed up consistently and when it was tough.

That’s not sexy. So follows the retort, “What do you think about plexus/advocare/etc”. Get 30 workouts under your belt in the next 8 weeks first; ask question later.

Show up, and go hard. You can control that.

You might not be motivated, but show up anyway. You may skip the next workout, but not this one.

Dieting is not atonement for years of debauchery. You have an opportunity to change the way you look, feel, and think.

If you make decision that this is what you want to do, start showing up.

If nothing else, just download the Pokemon game and get 30,000 steps in trying to chase down Pokemon in your neighborhood.

Coach Ryan

P.S. If you’re ready to show up and need guidance, let me know.

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